dinsdag 7 januari 2014

My little story of loving Michael Jackson and music

When I were a child, I already love to listen to the music.
I am really crazy at it.
I listened often to gabber (house music in Dutch) at the 90's...
But then I heard music of Michael Jackson, like Earth Song and They Don't Care About Us and many more. I had something like "wow his voice, his music, I love it ".
I have a cassette tape of Scream and Childhood on it of Michael Jackson.
When I became 12, the cd's came out but had never a cd of Michael Jackson...
I always had a cd of rap and R&B etc.
I have always a big taste of music but believe it or not I always prefer to watch MTV, TMF and The Box to see and wait till Michael came.
I were on my bed and watch Earth Song with big eyes like; "I love this songggg, no one disturb me now!" Years later at june 25 2009 the world were in shock when we heard that Michael Jackson passed away. Since then I were collecting posters, t-shirts etc to feel safe.
He showed me that I am spiritual and that there is more between heaven and earth.
Remember The Time came on tv and he came to me to show who he really was.
I was something like "Michael I am gonna help you as you did for us"
And now 2014 almost 5 years after his passing I have friends like family because of him.
He learned me alot and I am thankful to know him and thankful for everything he did for us, for the world, for the children and for the animals.
He showed us what love mean and how to earn the respect from others.
He is my angel forever and forever in my heart!!!
Xxx Melissa