dinsdag 26 november 2013

My poems to Michael Jackson ( it will keep up to date)

hi michael

i love you so much
i miss you more each days
when i saw you in amsterdam in madama tussauds
it looks you was really there
i start almost to cry when i look in your eyes
it was a amazing day with my friends
i love them
i gave you a kind of a hug and it feels if you was there
if i feel really you
that was amazing and difficult
and then they making a picture if we really playing in the clip smooth criminal
and thrill the world
we have a wonderfull night
like a lot of zombies
dancing the thriller
laughing with friends
it was also amzing
if i could i'm going to every event of you
thanks michael that you gave me this amzing friends and amazing days
just like family

R.I.P darling
i will never let you go
because i love you so
you are far away
but in my haerts you will 4 ever stay



Dear Michael jackson

It's 4 years ago that you past away.
But in our lives you will always stay.

Maybe you are far apart.
But you are in my heart.

I love you.
I miss you.
I can't without you.

I will do anything for you.
That is what I gonna do.

June 25th we are together.
to support each other forever.

I'm still thankful for what you did for me.
That is who you be.

You give us still your love.
But then above.

Everyday what i do.
Is I'll pray for you.

You are the best.
I hope you have rest.

I'm be proud to be your fan.
I'll support everyone as much as i can.

I love you.
I miss you.
I can't without you.

Thank you for everything.
with your music i'll sing.

I'll scream from a mountain.
To share my pain.

I will never forget you!

xxxxx Melissa


you give me sunshine
you make me smile
you make me cry
you give the moon shine
doing the moonwalk
singing heal the world
standing by a mirror
singing man in the mirror
loving the world
sweet cute face what you had
perfect personality what you had
being shy
feeling home on stage
loving your fans
fans love you
show us your amazing dance
a great shows
famous over the whole world
every fan is thinking about you all the time
every fan coul'nd believe you are gone
but you are gone
but for us you never gone
stay for always in our hearts
we will never forget you
it is not possible because we see you everywhere
on posters on t-shirts
hearing your songs
pictures of you
statue of you
everybody wants to dance like you
somebody are amzing what they shows to us
trying to going to every event of you
because there are fans with each other
support each other think about you with each other
no we will never let you go
we love you and miss you
wish you where here
we are the world
we are the childeren
we have to change the world
no more wars
childeren need a home and a place to play
we need a sign to heal the world
because of you we are here for eah other and for you
we wanna help you where you was anding
we going move on
helping (war)childeren
stop the wars
make a better place on earth

love you 4 ever michael jackson
your spirit will never die
R.I.P :'(


dear michael jackson

i love ya so much
i still can't believe you're gone
but in my heart you'll live forever
thanks to you i have a kind of a family
i have friends because of you
they support me
i am not use to it but i will learn it
i love my friends from the bottom of my heart
thanks a lot for that
it souds maybe stupid
but i'm talkeing everyday to a poster of you
it feel for me really good and i seems like you listen to me
it seems you look at me
really it sound stupid but feel good
i'm glad that i know you
and i'm proud i am a fan of you
you are a beautiful angel 4 ever
i hope that your manager and elizabeth are with you
michael jackson R.I.P

xxx melissa (a dutch soldier of love)


Dear Michael jackson

Do you know how thankful I am that I know you?
I really shouldn't know what I could do without you.
I still can't believe that you are gone.
Just gone to soon.
You are a lucky star like in your movie Moonwalker
An angel in heaven.
There is absolutely no day that i don't think about you.
I love you and I will always do.
Next month I am gonna quit smoking.
I hope you are proud of me.
Cause of you I am what I am now, a survivor.
I can do a lot with you in my thoughts and in my heart.
I reach also a lot and got a little bit more self convidence.
Thank you so much Michael for what you've done for me♥.

Loves Melissa


Dear Michael Jackson

I hope you gonna have a great Christmas up there with your friends who joined you this year and last past years.
I love you and I will enjoy christmas for you, cause i don't like Christmas but I'm gonna try to enjoy it.
People says all the time again a year without you but for me, it isn't.
Everytime you are with us so no day without you my angel.
I wish you were here.
I wish I could hug you for once in real except in my dreams.
I wish I could tell you ho much I love you face to face for once.
I miss you my angel, I really do.

I am glad we still can enjoying your music and pictures.
Still can enjoying you performances on DVD or Youtube and etc.
Can lose my pain together with my friends but my pain will never dissapear.
Somebody asked me today if my addiction to you will ever stop, I said no this is forever and will never ends I know it for sure.
It is not an addiction but my feelings but yeah they see it as an addiction, maybe it is an addiction cause I am alway thinking about you and will be in a bad mood if I doesn't see anything of you for an hour.
But I don't care what people think about it as long as i know it.
Only my friends who are fans of you will understand me.
We turned fron fanship into friendship into familyship.
The family will grow everyday.
And that cause of you.
We want to help you in many thing in the way how you helped us

You changed many lives and still do.
I am thankful for what you did for me and for the world.
I am scared of the moon but I watch at it to see you doing the moonwalk.
I talk to you at one of your posters to feel save.
I have many stuff of you to feel save.
And you make me feel save.
I don't know what you did for me but it is huge.
I wish I could do something for you except loving you.

I want to say that I love you so damn much that I can't describe how much.
I want to say how much I care about you that I can't explain how much.
I want to say that I miss you cause you aren't here anymore.
About 4,5 years ago you are gone.
But will live on forever in our hearts.
In you fanbase that turned in a family base called MJFam.
I alwas made a cross with my hands and say; You are my angel forever... and forever in a blow kiss to heaven.

Now your friend Mandela is there with you.
That must feel strange to see him back there.
He is also a legend who cares about the world, just like you.

I know almost for sure that you rest in peace.
Cause you showed me heaven for once, thank you my angel.
I don't believe in God but I believe there is something between earth and heaven.
I know also for sure you visit us all in spirit.

I am so grateful to know you.
What would happend when I didn't know you?
What kind of person will I be?
Maybe a criminal who doesn't care about anything?
I really shouldn't know.
Maybe I should be worse to everyone.

You showed me love.
Also what love means and what to do about that.
Now I have a wonderful family around me.
That was my wish, to know what it is to have a family.
Now I know it, a family with joy and love and respect and carring.
I love them all from the bottom of my heart.
I am grateful to be a part of it
MJFam 4 ever and ever.
You are the greatest person ever.

Love you for always and ever!

♥♥♥ Melissa
A Dutch soldier of love

maandag 18 november 2013


Ergens ver weg waren 3 konijnen. Ze waren aan het wortelballen. Na het wortelballen gingen ze langoor tikkertje doen. Maar plots viel 1 van hun in het water. "Help"  riep het konijn. De ander 2 konijnen keken elkaar aan en gingen meteen naar mama konijn. "Mama, mama"  riepen ze. Ja kinderen, waar is jullie broertje? Die is in het water gevallen mama zei 1 van de konijnen. Oneeeee we moeten hem snel redden zei mama konijn. Kom dan mama. Ik ga snel naar bully de buizerd die kan je broertje wel uit het water vissen! "Bully"  !  Wie roep mijn naam??? O Bully mijn zoontje is in het water gevallen kunt U hem eruit halen alstublieft? Ja mama konijn ik zal kijken wat ik kan doen. "Help me"  riep het konijntje. Pak me poot konijn! Zei Bully. Ik heb hem Bully! Oke dan gaan we vliegen!! Oooo bedankt Bully. Graag gedaan mama konijn en de konijnen gingen weer verder spelen en mama konijn ging wat lekkers koken. EINDE!