vrijdag 18 maart 2016

10 days in Bant day 4, 5 and 6

Hey everyone,

Am still in Bant xD

We getting to know each other better and better and by name 😄.
We having fun with the games they organizing.
We did a lot already but was happy with a free afternoon.
Also we went to Giethoorn.
A small village near Steenwijk.
Well small?? Actually it is but is big of water what they call holland venetia.

We had many days with sun so I burned a little hahaha.
And 1 day it was a bit cloudy but in the afternoon we had sun again.

We did also Dutch games like Kegelen, koekhappen and zaklopen and many more.

We have also 2 countries each to presatation about their culture.
Is great to see the difference between all the countries.

And every morning our teacher bring us coffee in bed 😆😆😆 thank you Cees.

Well see ya laterssssssssss.

dinsdag 15 maart 2016

10 days in Bant day 2 and 3

Hey everyone.

I am already a few days in Bant the Netherlands.
A lot happend! Great things but also very sad things.

Well let's start with great things.😆

We are doing great things together.
Like games, painting shirtand hanging out with coffee and breakfast, lunch and dinner together.
And in the evening till night a danceparty.
I made already friends and is so cool to be here.

They come from:
And of course Netherlands

Some doesn't speak English at all then we use body language to try to understand.

And now I got 1 sad news......

My old collegue passed away last weekend.
We were friends and I always called him "Schapie". (Sheepy)
It came as a shock. 😟

I will miss him badly.

May he rest in peace.💝

I will always loving you Schapie!

Okay enjoy my blog

With love,

zaterdag 12 maart 2016

10 days in Bant The Netherlands day 1

Hey everyone,

I am in Bant of the Netherlands.
Is a vacation a kind of a camp called De Eigenwijze.
I am here together with my roommate and many people from other countries.
We live all in an assitant living and love to meet new people like us.
It is cool to see how our cultures are.
It is just vacation with people with dissabilities like me.
We came here yesterday March 11 2016.
Everyday I will write a piece to remember this week of fun.
So enjoy and later today I will write again about this day.

Best regards