vrijdag 18 maart 2016

10 days in Bant day 4, 5 and 6

Hey everyone,

Am still in Bant xD

We getting to know each other better and better and by name 😄.
We having fun with the games they organizing.
We did a lot already but was happy with a free afternoon.
Also we went to Giethoorn.
A small village near Steenwijk.
Well small?? Actually it is but is big of water what they call holland venetia.

We had many days with sun so I burned a little hahaha.
And 1 day it was a bit cloudy but in the afternoon we had sun again.

We did also Dutch games like Kegelen, koekhappen and zaklopen and many more.

We have also 2 countries each to presatation about their culture.
Is great to see the difference between all the countries.

And every morning our teacher bring us coffee in bed 😆😆😆 thank you Cees.

Well see ya laterssssssssss.