donderdag 10 april 2014

Tribute to my cat.

Hi readers

I just want to write about my sweet cat Minneke who passed away 3 months ago.
It was already a sick cat, she got a sneez disease, deadly by cats.
She won't get older then 1 year the vet said but she became 9,5 years old.
I made a tribute slideshow for her.

She came from Belgium, place named Gent.
She was around 7 months old when she came to me.
I was totally inlove with her, still are.
I miss her daily.
I've been through a lot with her. (see slideshow).
She was very funny, sweet and totally insane like I am haha.

We hugged and play a lot around.

Sweet Minneke

I miss you daily and I miss you a lot.
You was but still are my baby kitty ever.
I cried like a baby when the vet said that you better can go.
But I know you are now in a better place in cat heaven, playing with other cats.
Have to know that mommy loves you for all time.

xxx your mommy Melissa